Plant based whole food deliciousness



I became a vegetarian at the age of 15 for ethical reasons and have never looked back. I met my husband at the same young age and he gave up meat and fish around 6 months later. For many years we followed a somewhat lazy vegetarian diet. Despite eating lots of fruit and veg we got caught in the common trap of eating far too much processed foods, pasta sauces, pizza, quiches etc and most meals would contain cheese and carbs of some description.

When my daughter Holly was born 9 years ago I started to cook from scratch a little more, determined to feed her the diet she deserved. A couple of years later in 2010 Noah came along and from a very young age suffered with horrible reflux and painful eczema. To cut a long story short he was diagnosed with a probable cows milk protein allergy and has been dairy free ever since. During his early months I dabbled with a dairy free diet whilst breastfeeding but was inconsistent and found it daunting to know what to cook and prepare. As time went on I learnt more and more through cooking for a dairy free child and then 5 years ago just after the birth of Sebastian my husband decided to go on a two week detox for health reasons. I joined him in becoming dairy free (I was also breastfeeding at the time so was keen to avoid any potential reflux issues that Sebby may have had).

Neither of us went back to eating dairy and I can honestly say we had never felt better and healthier. I decided that it was time to take control of what we were all eating and in 2016 we made the change to a fully vegan, plant based diet with as many whole foods as possible and very little processed food. During this same period my son was also diagnosed with non coeliac gluten hypersensitivity. By removing all gluten from his diet he was able to come off all of his reflux medications within a week, very clear proof of the effect your diet can have on your health. All of the children made the transition to a vegan diet surprisingly easily, a little education goes a long way. I couldn't be prouder of the compassion and grace that they show.

This diet and way of life feels so normal to us now and the more reading and research I have done on the subject I am convinced that a whole foods plant based diet is what's best for us, the animals and the environment. Iā€™m learning every day about new ingredients, recipes and ways to prepare good food for my family. Luckily I love to cook and feel very passionately about the way we feed both ourselves and our children so this is an exciting adventure for me with lots of delicious food on the way!

We were also lucky enough to take on co ownership of an allotment last year with some very good friends of ours. We are hugely enjoying the process of planting and growing our own fruit and vegetables and the kids love the sense of freedom and adventure (and mud!). I hope this blog will be a resource and source of inspiration for anyone on a similar journey and a place to share plant based deliciousness!

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