3 Day Juice Cleanse

3 Day Juice Cleanse

As some of you will know I unfortunately fractured a bone in my ankle a few weeks ago after getting it caught under a huge metal allotment gate. A couple of weeks of crutches have followed and while things are slowly feeling better I'm still in the walking boot and slowly hobbling around the place.

As someone who has three kids to chase around after, an allotment to look after and a love of running, frustration levels have been running high! I was starting to feel really sluggish and after a weekend of family birthdays, lots of cake and takeaways I thought my system could do with a bit of a refresh. Juice cleanses seem to be very popular at the moment and the research I have done seems to be quite split on the benefits. Still, I was keen to give it a try for myself.

We have several great cold pressed juice bars here in Brighton so I popped along to one of my favourites, You Juice to see what they offered in terms of a cleanse. The staff were super helpful and friendly and talked me through all the options.

You can go for a moderate cleanse which involves 3 x 500ml juices and an immunity shot to supplement healthy food or their full cleanse (5x500ml juices and 1x500ml nut milk plus 1 x immunity shot). All of these packages are available for 1, 3 or 5 days but they were very flexible to tailor it to your own individual need. They also offer a mixed cleanse of three juices plus a smoothie bowl and soup or salad.. I opted for the three day full cleanse but swapped out one juice for a smoothie breakfast bowl on the first day.

They are keen to ensure you get the juices at their freshest so it was agreed that I would pop along each morning to collect for that day.

All of the cleanses are fairly expensive but comparable to other juice bars and I was really impressed with the quality of the products. The juices were without exception really delicious and I particularly loved the nut milk.

Day one - 3 x green juices, a smoothie breakfast bowl and a turmeric shot.

I felt really positive day one and was really enjoying my juices. I had a bit of a headache in the afternoon but as I hadn't been doing the cleanse for long was unsure if it was related. I saved the breakfast bowl to have for my dinner while my husband ate so I wouldn't feel to left out!. Overall a fairly easy day.

Day two- 3 x green juices, 2 x root veg juices, a nut milk and a ginger shot.

Started off day two with a green juice and decided I would drink the juices regularly every  2-2.5 hours to fit them all in. I didn't feel hungry as such all day but I definitely reached a point where I was sick of drinking juice. 3 litres of juice plus a shot is a lot to get through! As delicious as they were I found myself craving something more savoury. I felt really tired in the afternoon so had a cheeky little half hour nap before the kids came home. I nearly caved at dinner time, when my husband made himself cauliflowers steaks with veg and hot sauce but I stayed strong, drunk the juice and finished the day with a peppermint tea.

Day three - Three green juices, 2 x root veg juices, a nut milk, and a turmeric shot.

The kids woke me up super early in the morning so was a little ratty but that's probably not juice related! My brain generally felt a little bit foggy and slow but energy levels were good and I felt better after the first juice. I spaced the juices out over the day and had the nut milk at lunchtime. No headache today and generally feeling really good. I have been surprised how few times I have actually felt hungry. I expected the cleanse to feel far harder and I think its actually been great for me to kickstart my body again.

Pros -

  • A very easy way to do a cleanse with no thinking involved. Just pick up your day's juices and decide when to drink them.
  • A great quick way to give your body a boost of nutrients and goodness.
  • I definitely felt a renewed energy afterwards and a sense that this had been a good thing to do. I also felt I was really looking forward to continuing to eat well and the cleanse seems to have cut any cravings for coffee or sweet treats which can only be a good thing. I wonder how long that will last!
  • A weird upside to this was that I found myself being more productive with my time. You realise how much time in the day is spent prepping food and eating and when this is taken away you suddenly have extra time at your disposal.

Cons - 

  • Expensive. Opting for ready made juices is definitely not cheap. The three day cleanse with less juices on the first day due to a late start was £105.
  • There a lot of juice to consume. Even though I love it I found it hard to get through all the bottles.
  • Over the three days I often felt a slightly stale taste in my mouth and also the turmeric juice stained my tongue bright yellow!
  • I really found the I missed the social aspect of eating. We all eat together in the evenings and generally my husband and I grab lunch together in the day. I also found I was less interested in food shopping and cooking as I couldn't eat what I had made. 

All in all if you are looking for a quick easy reboot I would recommend giving it a go. A mixed or moderate cleanse would be an easier option if you don't want to go full juice only. Obviously if you have a juicer then making the juices yourself would be a cheaper option but we don't own one and I knew I would never get round to making them all! 

Let me know your thoughts and your experiences if you've ever tried a similar thing..

n.b This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are mine.