First Brighton Yoga Supper Club

First Brighton Yoga Supper Club

First I want to say a huge thank you to the bunch of fabulous women that came along to the first Brighton Yoga Supper Club and made it such a special evening. 

If I am completely honest I was feeling pretty nervous as the day rolled round. This was the first time that I had cooked for people other that friends and family and I really wanted everyone to enjoy the food and have a great time. It's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone and I feel grateful for all the support that has got me to this point.

The studio itself is a beautiful space and the at the end of such a hot weekend everyone was glad of a chance to take some time to relax and unwind. Helen kept the yoga practice gentle to accommodate all levels and to appreciate the need for stillness given the heat. The women were then led through a guided relaxation and the feedback has been incredible. Helen is a fantastic teacher and has a lot of experience with teaching many types of classes and adapting practices to the needs of her students. She can be contacted over at

A refreshing rhubarb, ginger and orange spritzer was served once the yoga and relaxation had finished. This was very welcome in the heat and the flavours worked really well together.

The menu itself had been carefully planned to showcase the best of this seasons produce. To start I served mixed sharing platters. Richly flavoured muhammara was served alongside a smoked paprika hummus, homemade seeded crackers and a selection of fresh baby vegetable, salted pistachios and olives.

Main course was served buffet style and was a fresh green vegetable tart served with a selection of seasonal salads. The tart had a delicate buckwheat and sunflower crust and was filled with a white bean and vegetable mix. Topped with a mixture of baby spinach, sprouting broccoli and leeks this was a real delight to make and serve. 

New potatoes (dug that afternoon from the allotment) were tossed in a tangy tartare style dressing and served warm alongside other cold salads. The fresh green leaves were also picked fresh that afternoon and other salads included tomato and pomegranate and raw zucchini with a lemon and pine nut dressing.

Dessert was a tangy lemon 'creme' topped with an oat and thyme crumble and fresh redcurrents. It was a huge compliment to have empty plates all round and so wonderful to be able to showcase the fresh produce, much of which I had grown myself. The rhubarb for the drinks syrup and the redcurrents were from the garden along with all the herbs used and potatoes, salad leaves and radishes were all from our allotment. Literally ground to plate in less that 6 hours, you don't get much fresher than that! All the food was naturally vegan, gluten free and organic and locally sourced where possible.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and had an incredible evening from start to finish. We have just announced the next two dates for the yoga supper clubs and I am excited to get planning the menus. Tickets can be booked from here.

I look forward to meeting some of you there x