Plot 25 - salad, salad and more salad!

Plot 25 - salad, salad and more salad!

We were lucky enough to be away last week in beautiful Lake Garda with family. With the kids back to school I was excited to get back onto the allotment to check on the progress of our crops. They had been dutifully taken care of all week and watered by friends when my co owner was also away. We have joked that sometimes this allotment feels harder to look after than a child!

My first impression was that everything had grown a crazy amount. Opening the polytunnel I was confronted with a jungle of tomato plants, most of which are sporting lovely baby green fruits. Ripe red strawberries were waiting to be picked, and the cucumber and squash plants had literally doubled on size. We have also planted a strange little fruit called a cucamelon which seems to be coming on nicely albeit a bit curious looking!

The polytunnel truly has been a godsend and we are very lucky to have it.

Peas and beans are climbing nicely and one variety of potato is coming into flower. Foolishly I forgot to write down which varieties I planted so its a bit of a pot luck this year. Bursts of colour from the neighbouring plots and our own potted flowers are so lovely and makes me want to plant more wild flowers. A close neighbour on the site has a whole bed of poppies beautifully in bloom at the moment, vibrant red against the sea of green.

All the varieties of salad leaves have been growing wonderfully and we now have a delicious abundance. I think they'll need to be some sharing of the produce over the next couple of weeks as even if we eat salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner we'll only just be making a dent! We planted another bed of salad seeds a few weeks later so are hoping to stagger some crops. I am very happy that I will be able to serve home grown produce at our upcoming yoga supper club. So far the netting seems to be doing the trick over the brassicas so fingers crossed that continues!

All in all its a very busy time of the year on the plot and I came away today with a whole list of jobs to get done at the weekend. With this mix of sunshine and rain the me and the plants are very happy. I think we'll need to make a day of it, must make some allotment cake x