Plot 25 is expanding!

Plot 25 is expanding!

It has been nearly a year since we took on ownership of our beloved allotment and its hard to imagine now having it now. I feel genuinely proud of the progress we have made. Considering we are all novices we are enjoying an unexpected amount of success. The recent warm weather interspersed with rain showers has been much appreciated by all the crops. The polytunnel has needed constant watering and the plants are growing at an alarming speed! I spent a day clearing and tidying the plot last week and trying to get on top of the weeds that are also growing like crazy. The hoe is my new best friend! We had neglected the poly tunnel slightly in terms of pruning and tying back and this is not a mistake I'll make again! 4 hours later we had a tunnel we could see the floor in again. The tomatoes especially are super thirsty and droop very quickly in the heat as you can see in the pictures!

We are harvesting plenty of crops now and I feel very lucky. We continue to have plenty of lettuce and oriental salads, plentiful spinach, radishes and early indoor tomatoes. Also delicious peas that the kids are eating raw from the pods : )

The early new potatoes are being lifted and we have just pulled our garlic which is drying in the garage. We also enjoyed our first cauliflower and the broccoli is coming along nicely.

I am loving watching the squash and pumpkin plants and the flowers are a beautiful splash of colour. 

This week we had some really exciting news, we have been allocated the other half of our plot which we had been hoping for. It had been taken over last year by a family who had not been to the site at all so we were keenly keeping an eye on it and hoping we would get that side too. Having a full size plot is both is exciting and daunting.

There's a lot of work to do to get it cleared, albeit less than on our side initially. There is a broken shed that needs removing and another unusual structure which could potentially be turned into a greenhouse. We aim to sit down this week and get planning with a view to start clearing very soon. As a long term plan having the whole plot is just incredible. It not only gives us more space for growing with an aim to becoming self sufficient but also enables us flexibility with more space for the children and potential for school/nursery visits etc.

Growing our own food is really pushing me to think more about eating seasonally and trying to buy less from the supermarkets. It's the right thing to do for so many reasons and it's a wonderful feeling to pick your own lunch or dinner fresh - no chemicals, no food miles and no packaging. I look forward to showcasing some fresh seasonal produce at our upcoming Yoga Supper Clubs. A wonderful combination of nourishment for the body and soul. Check out our write up of our successful launch event. Visit our events page for more details, tickets are selling fast. Hope to see you there x